Citizens Advice Bureau is an independent charity, its operatives are volunteers and offer free advice on a variety of topics. We have assisted them to better understand digital piracy and copyright infringement. We are happy to say that with our help they now offer very effective advice for any individuals accused of internet piracy, you can read their public advice here.  For those seeking more detailed advice regarding copyright infringement you can utilise the resources here.

You can read more information here if you have been accused of copyright infringement. 


Read more here about the industry bodies which are here to help protect rights holders and educate the general public on the damage caused by digital piracy in the creative industries.

FACT - Federation Against Copyright Theft. Read more here

FDA - Film Distributors Association. Read more here

Industry Trust - The Industry Trust, UK promoters of IP awareness. Read more here

BVA - British Video Association. Read more here

IFTA - Independent Film & Television Alliance. Read more here

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organisation. Read more here

Intellectual Property Enterprise Court

The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), which was formerly known as the Patents County Court (PCC), is a specialist court within the Chancery Division of the High Court.  It is intended to provide a fast track, less costly and less complex alternative to full intellectual property litigation in the general Chancery Division of the High Court, particularly for small and medium sized organisations, notably independent producers and rights holders. 

The Government has implemented a number of reforms in recent years to streamline procedures in the IPEC and to limit the monetary value of claims which may be heard in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. These changes were designed to ensure that IPEC can provide a cost effective forum in which small and medium enterprises, or larger enterprises with smaller matters can resolve their Intellectual Property disputes quickly.


Industry Trust – The UK regulatory body that monitors and promotes the legal distribution and streaming of media content online.

IPEC – The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

FACT – Federation Against Copyright Theft, organisation in the UK.

Citizens Advice – Free advice to UK citizens available over the phone or online.

Intellectual Property Office - The UK Government Intellectual Property Office provides useful information for rights holders and those wishing to find out more about protecting copyright in the UK.

World Intellectual Property Organization - The world wide organisation commited to Intellectual Property services, information and cooperation.



Insured Wrapper for rights holders

H & B Administration LLP assists copyright holders worldwide to enforce their rights and fight illicit distribution of their copyright protected work over the internet.  It is our mandate to assist those in the creative industries including film, TV, music, art, publishing and software amongst others.

Copyright infringement includes the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing the rights of a rights holder, such as downloading and distributing their protected work is prohibited in the UK under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988.

Copyright infringement via torrenting (P2P software) is both civil and criminal, UK government and global industry bodies are combatting this daily each year, we are supporting global efforts in an attempt to curtail the damage currently being inflicted on the creative industries specifically in the United Kingdom.

Downloading and streaming are amongst those online activities that are most damaging to rights holders.



The 'Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit' (or PIPCU for short), is based in Guild Hall, London. Launched in 2013, PIPCU is set to tackle the proliferation of illegal file sharing in the UK working jointly with international law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The specialist unit was independently financed via the Intellectual Property Office whilst utilising links in the media industry to sustain and increase it's efforts in combatting digital and physical piracy through criminal prosecution of those who have committed acts of copyright theft.

'Operation Creative' within PIPCU is often the first point of contact for rights holders looking for assistance with take down requests of infringing streaming websites and for referrals of individuals who have been illegally distributing their intellectual property.

H&B is committed to working with PIPCU and international law enforcement agencies alike to ensure the decline of online piracy.