Lawdit quizzed by District Judge over their 'Speculative Invoicing' allegation

The article here published on Rational Rights October 5th 2016 (an American legal blog), where Mr Coyle expressed his views in the comment section;

Mr Coyle explains: “My application to strike out the TCYK claim on behalf of my Client was indeed unsuccessful."

He continues to outline his strategy; "My main thrust of the application was that TCYK’s claim was an abuse of process and I almost succeeded in this"

Of which the Judge dismissed his claims, he then follows on to admit his attempt to falsify his costs;

"But I accept I failed to convince the Court. As I did not succeed it follows that costs could not be awarded. I agree that the District Judge was not impressed as it was a large sum of money for a small claim and even if I were successful it is very rare for costs to be awarded in a small claims court but it was a worthy attempt. I have written off this time and put it down to the rough and tumble of litigation.” [sic]

This is in light of previous allegations from Mr Coyle that TCYK LLC was engaging in speculative invoicing, seem's timely, that he himself is now to be investigated for that same allegation.

TCYK LLC continues to issue proceedings through IPEC in the UK against alleged Copyright Infringement of their film 'The Company You Keep'.