Rights holders to privately finance law enforcement initiative worldwide

Since 2014, Hatton & Berkeley, in conjunction with industry anti-piracy experts Maverick Eye and Guardaley turned their attention to assisting law enforcement in an approach to further real time internet policing stemming copyright theft and the shut down of illegal streaming websites.

Now after more than two years in development, they release plans for an initiative to provide their clients the ability to fund law enforcement worldwide creating the most hostile environment illegal file sharers have ever known. Real time policing aims to catch people in the act.

Rights holders are still suffering from online piracy and illegal supply of their copyright protected material. Funding the fight against piracy is also highly costly, which is why rights holders are welcoming this initiative.

Forward funding towards expanding investigative policing worldwide in conjunction with the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and the Economic Crime Directorate of the City of London Police was agreed by rights holders at the American Film Market this month and will commence in early 2017.

Rights holders in the film industry Voltage Pictures were targeted as ‘speculative invoicing’ during their efforts to retrieve damages from copyright infringers. Maintaining that they had the right to protect their work, on the 29th of September 2016, District Judge Nicola Solomon, in the UK stated very clearly that these claims would be heard in the High Court and are not speculative invoicing.

This week PIPCU announced the arrest of a 35-year-old man for the illegal online distribution of ‘Brotherhood’. The film is owned by Lionsgate, and was released in theatres in late August, with the retail release date of 26 December 2016.

Early detection measures put in place by Entura ensured that the Police were informed in good time to make an effective arrest, this increase in near real time policing is welcomed by officers in the City of London Police.

Robert Croucher, MD of Hatton & Berkeley stated;

“… the aim is to increase resources to combat Internet piracy on a global scale and raise awareness of intellectual property law and help to educate the online community…”