Since the rapid conversion of physical piracy on disc to digital downloading and streaming from independently owned websites, the influx of digital piracy has now reached endemic proportions. This seemingly faceless crime has endangered tens of thousands of jobs in the creative industries in the UK and hundreds of thousands of jobs internationally. We have put in place resources to fight this on a global scale.

Our Achievements

Our goal is to reduce piracy through a combination of Education & Reprimand.

  • Protecting producers and rights holders from copyright Infringement and illegal distribution.
  • Provide a well balanced platform for both education & reprimand for illegal and civil action.
  • Provide a parental top down approach to combating digital piracy in film, TV, music and gaming.
  • Protecting thousands of jobs each year in the UK and abroad. 
  • Return lost revenues to rights holders.
  • Influence positive changes to copyright practices
  • Maintain a fair and transparent approach to litigious proceedings.

Court Proceedings commence in the UK against illegal distributors

As of March 2016, H&B Administration has been assisting rights holders to bring proceedings against copyright infringers in the UK, distributing their titles without license to do so.  This marked the beginning of a multiple of high court cases in the UK against individuals whom have committed offences of illegal distribution of intellectual property over the internet.

Litigious Proceedings Worldwide

For a number of years now H&B Administration LLP Members have been pursuing claims against those who have illegally distributed their work worldwide, this has notably taken place in the USA, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Australia and Singapore.

Proceedings in the United Kingdom have until now remained relatively complex and economically unviable for rights holders to pursue. Until now.  Financing from the United Kingdom, the adverse risk cost of litigation is proven to expand the volume of damages claimed from infringement cases worldwide.